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Height: 5"7   |   Weight:115    |    Eye Color: Green   |   Hair Color:  Brown   |   Shoe:  7


We Have A Ghost |  NETFLIX   |   Director: Christopher Landon  |   Supporting Actor


Canyon Del Muerto   |  NETFLIX   |   Director: Coerte Voorhees  |   Supporting Actor

Splinters  |   Indie Feature  |   Director: Jon Corum   |   Lead Actor 

Sound of Settling   |   Amazon Prime   |   Director: Melissa Vitello  |   Lead Actor

Awake & Happy   |   Short Film   |   Director: Nathaniel Boggess  |   Lead Actor

The Future is Back   |   Tesla Films   |   Director: Michael Chance  |   Lead Actor

Beyond The Leaves  |   Independent Feature   |   Director: Wylie Rush  |   Lead Actor

One Good Man  |   Short, Mockumentary  |   Director: Bill Esculier |   Supporting Actor

Strings   |   Award Winning Short   |   Director: Tanner Jarman |   Lead Actor


POSE    |   NETFLIX   |   Director: Janet Mock  |   Co-star

Agua Donkeys    |  QUIBI TV   |   Director: MP Cunningham   |   Recurring

Kinderfanger   |   Crypt TV, Bumhouse   |   Director: Bridger Nielson   |   Recurring

Kids Choice Awards   |  Nickelodeon   |   Director: Glenn Weiss   |   Co-star

Dress Up Gang   |  TBS Network  |   Director:  Corey Loykasek   |   Co-star

Gossip Girl   |     |   CW Network  |    Director: Bart Wenrich   |   Co-Star


Commercial Conflicts Available Upon Request. 


National Verizon 30 sec. spot​

National Lenscrafters 30 sec. spot.

Training & Workshops

UCB - Improv. Level 1-4

 IO Improv. Level 1-3

Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop AMAW, NYC/LA

Lesly Kahn Comedy Intensive and Clinic

 LA David Vaccari on Camera Class, NYC

Commercial Copy Workshop, On Camera Class Ann Hamilton, NYC

Voice Training, LA, NYC Elissa Weinzimmer

Private Voice Over Coach, Tessa Oberjenois

University of Utah, BFA Modern Dance

Special Skills

Yoga Instructor, Professionally trained dancer, Violinist, Former preschool teacher, Teleprompter, Improv.trained, ASL proficient.

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