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Rain cascades down the sides of the Star Wagon, paralleling the tears of the impending scene. It's here we find our Lead Actor staring into the highly lit mirror, once again, talking to herself into the backstory. But the same question remains, "Will this be the last time she'll ever work again?


Joni Mann is a comedic actor with training at UCB and io. She has played Leading roles in a few Indie Romantic Comedies and most recently cast in a Netflix comedy Directed by Christopher Landon, starring Jennifer Coolidge & Anthony Mackie called "We have a Ghost". She plays "Claire" on the Comedy Central show "Agua Donkey's" and has enjoyed her comedic roles on numerous National Commercials (At&t, AMEX, Mcdonalds, Best Buy...) On a more personal note, she'll laugh at most jokes, and has taken up bird watching.
LOGLINE: The midwestern charm of the undeniable, Ellie Kemper meets the realness and Raunch of the legendary, Sarah Silverman.

Dramatic: Joni Mann is a SAG Actor based in (wherever the work is) LA. She recently worked in the Netflix movie "Canyon Del Muerto" starring Val Kilmer & Abigail Breslin. You can see her in the iconic Ryan Murphy show, "POSE" on FX, NETFLIX, and in the Recurring role of "Tracy" on the Blumhouse Production of "Kinderfanger". Here, she she showcased her ability of American Sign Language (ASL) as she acted in the series. She enjoys working in indie films and has been in award winning films such as "S.O.S"- where she won Best Actress, and a Lead role in the indie drama, "Splinters" (both on all streaming platforms). She's trained with Lesly Kahn, Anthony Meindel, and is now a private acting coach for a few up and coming Actors in Hollywood. She is a former Professional Modern dancer and attributes her training in movement to a lot of her success and career."
LOGLINE: A Dash of Diane Keaton and a pinch of Rebecca Hall.

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